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Specification for Topward 8150 Function Generator

Topward Function Generator 8150Click here for larger image.

Waveforms Sine, square, triangle, ramp, pulse
Amplitude 20Vp-p, Open [Output protected up to 30V (DC+AC)]
Attenuator 0dB, 30dB
Output Impedance 50W ± 10% for main and sync
DC Offset +10V ~ -10V
Duty Control 20:80 (frequency unchanged) continuously variable with 50:50 calibrated switch
V.C.F. 0 to +5V control frequency to 1000:1
Frequency Range 0.1Hz to 10MHz in 8 ranges
Frequency Accuracy Counter accuracy
Distortion < 0.5%, 10Hz ~ 100KHz
Rise/Fall Time < 20nS
Rise Time for Sync Output < 10nS
Sync Output Level > 3Vp-p (Open), 20 TTL Load
Sweep Type Linear, Log
Sweep Width > 100:1, continuously variable
Sweep Rate From 10mS to 5S, continuously variable
Frequency Counter Display 6 digits 0.4" green LED display with MHz only
Frequency Counter Mode Func./Count
Frequency Counter Attenuator 0db, 30dB
Frequency Counter Accuracy ± (Time base accuracy+1 count)
Frequency Counter Time Base 10MHz± 10ppm (28° C± 5° C)
Frequency Counter Resolution 0.1Hz, 1Hz, 10Hz, 100Hz, 1KHz
Frequency Counter Gate Time 10S, 1S, 0.1S, 0.01S
Frequency Counter Range 10Hz to 100MHz
Frequency Counter Sensitivity £ 50mVrms (10Hz to 100MHz)
Frequency Counter Maximum Input 150Vrms
Frequency Counter Input Impedance 1MW//100pF
Power Requirement 115/230 Vac; 50/60Hz single phase
Accessories Supplied Power cord, hook-up leads, intruction manual
Dimension 10.2"(W) x 3.3"(H) x 10.1"(D)
Weight 4.6 Pounds


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